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Indoor Faucet Installation & Repair in Greensboro

At Edwards & Mills, Inc., our experienced plumbers are pros at repair and installation of all brands of faucets, as well as provision of new water lines. If you're looking for advice, we also can make intelligent recommendations for upgrades to your existing fixtures. If you have a leaky bathroom sink, dripping shower or tub, or broken kitchen faucet that needs fixing, give Edwards & Mills, Inc., a call today. Our licensed professional plumbers are punctual, respectful, and tidy…we guarantee it.

Indoor Faucet Repair for Leaky Sinks, Bathtubs, and Shower Heads

Do you have a leaking sink or tub faucet in your bathroom? Does your kitchen sink drip constantly? Get it repaired quickly! A faucet that leaks even just a few drops every day not only can waste gallons of water, but it also costs you money. If ignored, leaking sink, tub, or shower faucets and pipes can cause serious damage, rusting plumbing fixtures and ruining your cabinetry, floor surfaces, and even subflooring. Other common problems, such as low (or no) water pressure in faucets, not enough cold or hot water, and squeaking or clanking pipes, are not only inconvenient and annoying but may be the signs of a bigger plumbing problem. It's better to be safe than sorry — call Edwards & Mills, Inc.'s licensed plumbers to investigate your plumbing problem as soon as possible. It's important to stop a bathtub or sink faucet from dripping or leaking as quickly as possible. In many cases, faucet repair is pretty simple; however, in others, we'll need to replace the sink faucet or showerhead. If complete faucet replacement is your best option, we'll remove your old faucet or showerhead, help you choose a replacement, and install it—or install a fixture you've chosen on your own.

Indoor Faucet Installation

Many people think replacing or upgrading their kitchen or bathroom faucets should be an easy do-it-yourself project. However, removing an old sink or shower faucet and replacing it with a new one requires experience to ensure countertops and other surfaces don't get damaged and the new faucet is installed correctly and functioning efficiently and leak-free. If you've already chosen your new faucets, Edwards & Mills, Inc., will install them. However, if you need advice about what faucets to choose, please let our plumber know what your concerns and requirements are, and we'll be happy to help you choose the faucet that's right for the location, then install it for you.

New Water Lines

In bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects, it's often necessary to replace and/or add new water lines to provide water to updated bathtubs, showers, sinks, and water filters, and other sources of indoor water supply. Edwards & Mills, Inc.'s plumbers have years of experience providing new water lines for new and existing construction.

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