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Kitchen Sink Installation

If you live in Greensboro, and you're replacing a leaky kitchen faucet or completing an entire kitchen remodeling project, call the plumbing experts at Edwards & Mills, Inc. Don't try to handle a project like this yourself: improper plumbing installation can result in costly repairs sooner or later. Our experienced plumbers will help you be sure your new kitchen plumbing is installed effectively and works efficiently for years to come.

Kitchen Sink Installation for New Construction

We really know kitchen plumbing: We're often called on by contractors to handle the installation of sinks, ice makers, instant hot water dispensers, water filters, and other plumbing for new construction. No matter what the design—from modern, high-efficiency appliances to traditional style—we make sure new kitchens look and function their best.

Kitchen Sink Installation for Remodeling

One of the most common calls we get is from folks who need help installing a new kitchen sink after they've had new countertops put in. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most expensive home updating projects you can do, so homeowners are rightly concerned that they might damage their new countertops or incorrectly install the sink, resulting in leaks or other plumbing problems. At Edwards & Mills, Inc., we are experienced at sink installation for both kitchen and bath, getting the job done correctly and quickly.

Kitchen Sink Replacement

Even if you aren't doing a complete kitchen remodel, many people change out their kitchen sinks because their old one is stained, chipped, or otherwise damaged; or because they just want a new kitchen sink configuration with more depth, two sections, or a different shape. We will help you avoid the pitfalls of incorrect sink installation, ensuring that your new sink fits in the spot you have, all pipes are functional, caulking is tight, and the sink looks and works great.

Get in Touch with Our Kitchen Sink Experts

Give Edwards & Mills, Inc., a call at (336) 299-6309 or send us an email for advice, information, or to schedule an appointment for us to install your new kitchen sink. Our skilled, experienced staff are here to provide a solution for any plumbing or gas-related need you might encounter in the Greensboro, NC area.

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At Edwards & Mills, Inc. plumbing services of Greensboro, we not only aim to provide superior plumbing and gas services quickly and efficiently, we also take the necessary time to explain what needs to be done and how it will be achieved.  Our prices are competitive and affordable, and we want to ensure that you have a complete understanding of what you are paying for.  We give you realistic up-front cost estimates and a projected timeline so that you know exactly what to expect to pay and when to expect the plumbing projects or repairs to be completed

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