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Gas Line Installation for Natural Gas Grills

In the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, we're lucky that our grilling season is a long one! Natural gas grills take all the hassle out of outdoor cooking: no more running out of propane and lugging tanks around to refill or exchange them. If you love grilling out, you'll enjoy the reliability and ease of natural gas grilling, and Edwards & Mills, Inc.'s professional gas line installers are ready to help you "get cooking with gas" in time for the cookout season.

Why We Love Natural Gas for Grilling

Aside from the obvious benefit of never running out of gas in the middle of a cookout, just a few other things we love about natural gas grilling include:

  • Versatile cooking options – many models allow you to grill, rotisserie, and even bake
  • Cost savings – natural gas is cheaper per BTU than propane, often by as much as two-thirds
  • Better for the environment – natural gas is cleaner burning than propane; less exhaust means cleaner cooking and less odor

Natural Gas Grill Maintenance

To stay safe and keep your gas grill running efficiently, it's a good idea to perform maintenance checks every season. Our trained experts will look over your system to ensure you don't have any gas leaks, cracked hoses, or burner clogs. We'll make any necessary repairs, including cleaning , quickly so you don't miss out on opportunities for fun, delicious cookouts in your outdoor living area!

Gas Lines for New Natural Gas Grills

Once you have found the natural gas grill that best suits your lifestyle and budget, be sure to have your new gas lines run by the pros. At Edwards & Mills, Inc., we're fully licensed and experienced at hooking up gas lines in Greensboro, High Point, and surrounding areas. We'll make sure yours are done safely and sized according to code so they'll run efficiently and trouble-free.

Get in Touch with Our Natural Gas Grill Experts

Whether you already have an outdoor natural gas grill and want to have the lines checked for safety, or you want a gas line run so you can install a new natural gas grill on your patio or deck, Edwards & Mills, Inc., will get the job done. Please contact us at any time by phone (336) 299-6309 or by email.

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