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Outside Water Faucet Repair

As spring rolls in and the summer sun starts beating down on lawns and gardens in the Piedmont Triad, many of us are spending more time outdoors—planting, weeding, watering, swimming in pools, and running sprinklers. This is the time of year that homeowners notice that their wall-mounted outdoor water faucets and yard hydrants need repair or replacement. It's hard to water your roses or fill up a hot tub if your faucet won't work!

Common Problems with Outdoor Wall-Mounted Faucets & Yard Hydrants

Improper winterization, construction or landscaping projects, poor-quality hardware, and regular use all can take their toll on outdoor spigots. Common problems with outdoor faucets in the Greensboro area include:

  • water leaking from the handle or spout
  • broken or otherwise non-functioning handles
  • cracks in the faucet body or piping leading to faucets
  • low or non-existent water pressure at the faucet
  • stripped threads on spigot where hose attaches

Water Faucet Replacement versus Repair

At Edwards & Mills, Inc., we know how to troubleshoot and repair your outdoor water faucet so it will return to complete functionality. In some cases, replacement is a better option than repair; if that's the case with your faucet, we will advise you on products that meet your needs and help you install a your new faucet for you . We keep (3) different length hydrants on each truck at all times.

Like all the other plumbing and air services we offer in the Piedmont Triad, our outdoor water faucet repair services are on-time and within budget, and our professionals are polite and respectful of your time and property. We use top-quality, reliable products and materials, and we strive to perform the highest quality plumbing services. We'll get the work done neatly and properly, within the your timeframe and budget we estimate requirements.

Get in Touch with Our Outdoor Water Faucet Experts

Edwards & Mills, Inc. is here to provide a solution for any need you might encounter in the Greensboro, NC area. We have a skilled, experienced staff that can help with any indoor or outdoor plumbing project. If you are experiencing a problem with an outdoor wall-mounted faucet or yard hydrant, please contact us at any time by phone (336) 299-6309 or by email.

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