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Septic Tank Cleaning & Removal

33% of US homes have septic systems, but most Triad-area homeowners don't fully understand how their septic systems work. In a nutshell:

  • When you use your home's toilets, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, etc., the water you have used goes down the drain.
  • All of the house drains empty into a large septic system pipe, which leads to the septic tank, which is buried somewhere in your yard.
  • At the septic tank, the heaviest solid waste, called sludge, sinks to the bottom. Lighter waste, like oils and fats, rises to the top. In the middle is "gray water" – which is relatively clean.
  • The septic system releases gray water into a drain field, also called a leach field. This is a system of permeable pipes that allow the water to seep into the ground above the water table.
  • Any organic matter that remains in the water that's released into the drain field is filtered by the soil (and often makes the part of your yard above the drain field especially lush and green, since it's great fertilizer!).

Pumping Out and Cleaning Your Septic Tank

As much as 50% of the bottom-layer sludge and top-layer oils and fats left in the septic tank are "digested" by healthy, hungry bacteria that naturally occur in the tank, turning them into liquids and gases. However, that leaves 50% of the sludge and other waste to build up in the tank; therefore, septic tanks must be pumped out regularly and cleaned to ensure they work properly and don't release dangerous waste into the drain field.

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