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Safety Bar and Rail Installation in the Piedmont Triad

Homeowners frequently ask us to install shower grab bars and bathtub rails when we’re assisting them with other bathroom upgrades – we’re there doing work in their homes already, and they’re afraid drilling will damage their bathroom tiles or crack its solid surfaces. As a result, we’re experienced at installing all types of safety bars in residential and commercial bathrooms!

Shower Safety Bar Installation

When Edwards & Mills, Inc.’s professionals install your shower bar, you can be assured that it’s accurately placed for optimal safety, installed carefully without damage to tiles or surfaces, and solidly attached for permanent stability.

Shower safety bars aren’t just for those the elderly and those with special physical needs – everyone can benefit from the security and stability they offer. There’s almost no place slipperier than the bathroom, particularly if it’s tiled, which increases the potential for serious injuries in a fall. In addition to adding a non-slip coating to the tile surfaces, shower grab bars make your shower significantly safer by providing a convenient assist entering and exiting the enclosure.

Bathtub Safety Rail Installation

Bathtub rails provide safety and enhance stability in all types and sizes of bathtub enclosures – anyone who enjoys a good soak in the tub will find benefit from bathtub safety rails. Sometimes people with temporary injuries that must stay dry have difficulty entering and exiting their bathtubs without soaking their dressing or cast. Bathtub rails help them feel secure and stable entering and exiting the tub, allowing them to protect their injury while getting clean.

Shower Bar Installation for Aging-In-Place

If you are considering a bathroom renovation, it can be wise to plan now for aging-in-place concerns – even if you are young, you may enhance the resale value of your house by accounting for potential aging buyers. Zero-threshold showers, shower seating, lever-style shower/tub, and sink handles, as well as shower bars and rails close to toilets are all standards in designs that are geared toward aging-in-place.

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For professional, quality installation of bathroom safety features, call on Edwards & Mills, Inc. We’ll ensure that any shower bars, tub rails, or toilet rails are installed accurately and neatly. If you have any questions about shower safety bar installation – or any other plumbing-related topic – please give us a call at (336) 299-6309 or send us an email.

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