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Are there different sizes of water heaters?
And what is a "tankless" water heater?

Traditional gas and electric water heaters are what's known as "storage tank water heaters." They have an insulated tank that holds water, heating it and storing it until it is needed. Depending on the water usage of your home or office, you may have a smaller or larger capacity water heater. For most homes, a 40- or 50-gallon tank is the standard, but there are larger units available for larger properties, as well as small utility water heaters often used for outbuildings and garages.

Tankless water heaters (also known as on-demand water heaters) are increasing in popularity because they are significantly more energy efficient than traditional storage tank water heaters. Tankless water heaters, as their name describes, don't have storage tanks; using natural gas or propane they heat water "on demand" as you turn on the shower, wash dishes, or run your washing machine on the warm or hot setting.

At Edwards & Mills, Inc., we have been selling, installing, and servicing Rinnai® tankless water heaters for over 11 years. While many tankless water heaters are limited in terms of how much water they can heat at once – causing problems when more than one shower is in use at the same time, a dishwasher is running while you're doing a load of laundry, and so on. But we've found that with modern on-demand water heaters like those made by Rinnai, our typical residential customers don't run out of hot water.

Rinnai also offers a hybrid tank-tankless water heater, which combines an extremely efficient storage tank with on-demand tankless technology to deliver twice the water heating capacity of a standard 50-gallon storage tank model.

If you're trying to determine what brand, size, or type of water heater to install at your home or office, give the experts at Edwards & Mills, Inc., a call. We'll help you figure out your typical daily water usage and explore your options…and once you've made a decision, we'll install your new water heater properly and professionally.

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