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Neighborhood Repiping Case Study

Polybutylene (PB) pipe was used in many homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments between 1978 and 1995 for in-house hot and cold water supply. Many Triad homeowners have found that PB pipes are developing leaks resulting from poor installation practices or cracked or broken plastic fittings. Water leaks can cause extensive water damage to structures; unfortunately, homeowners discover that water damage is often extremely costly to repair.

In the spring of 2013, a homeowner from the Sedgefield neighborhood in Jamestown, NC, contacted us with concern about leaky pipes in his own home. In addition, he told us that two of his neighbors also had experienced leaking in their homes over the past 20 years. All three homes had been plumbed originally with PB pipe, and all three homeowners were interested in being proactive—replacing their old, leaky PB piping systems with newer, modern pipes and fittings.

We replaced the water piping system in all three houses, using Ultra Pex pipe and brass insert fittings. Ultra Pex pipe has a "memory," so it retains its original shape even if it expands under extreme heat or freezing temperatures. In addition, Ultra Pex pipe offers the most UV resistance of any pex pipe used locally. Ultra Pex is the best quality pex plastic pipe available, far outperforming and outlasting old PB pipe.

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